When I Click Change Product Key Nothing Happens

When I click ‘change product key’ on my Windows server, nothing occurs. It shows nothing, does nothing, and then freezes. The activate command may be used to resolve this problem. After restarting, the UI should display the new product key.

It is not functioning.

Nothing occurs when I click the ‘change product key link. This issue only affects Windows 10 servers. You may have tried many versions of Windows, but they all exhibit the same problem. To resolve this, you must reinstall Windows. However, before reinstalling, make a backup of your stuff.

Go to Settings and locate the User Account Control before attempting to alter the product key. Change it to Always Notify. Then, try clicking the Change product key again. If you continue to get the error, return the settings to “Never Notify.” In the dialog box, hit the Enter key to activate Windows 10.

A misplaced Microsoft product key may create a variety of issues. A product key, for example, may not function if you used a different version of the program or if you used it on more devices than your Microsoft software licensing allows. You may attempt resolving Windows product key difficulties online in either instance.


Nothing occurs when I click the ‘change product key’ link on the Windows server. I get an error message because the change product key command does not execute. This may be resolved by modifying the User Account Control settings. In the interim, go to Settings and turn it back to Always Notify to attempt changing the product key.

Not found on the sticker

If you bought Windows 10 with an OEM license, you may not have a sticker with your Product Key on it. Instead, you may have a Digital Licence that is tied to your Microsoft account. It’s possible you misplaced your key. In this scenario, you may contact Microsoft and get a replacement sticker.

If you don’t have the sticker, you may attempt to retrieve the key using a command line or third-party software. After that, you may reinstall Windows or transfer your license to another person. The procedure might take a few minutes. If you wish to retrieve your key right away, you must be aware of your Windows version and model.