Why Are My Computer Speakers Misfunctioning?

If your speakers aren’t working properly, you could be getting choppy audio. If you encounter this issue, you should double-check your microphone settings and restart your computer. You may also utilize the telephone option in Webex. There are various reasons why your computer’s audio may malfunction, so be sure to check them out if you want improved audio quality.

How to Troubleshoot Choppy Audio

If you are unable to hear audio during the webex presentation, the issue might be with your sound card or audio drivers. The first step should be to restart the Windows Audio service. This should resolve any audio-related hiccups.

Another method is to check your computer’s volume. You may have adjusted the level improperly if your audio is too low. You can potentially have headphones or other audio equipment that don’t work well together. If it doesn’t work, you might try turning off all other audio on your computer.

If the issue just affects a few people, your audio equipment is probably broken. This might be due to defective wires or incorrectly adjusted program settings. Once you’ve identified the source of the audio issue, you may troubleshoot it as stated below.

Examining microphone settings

You may need to alter your microphone settings if you are unable to hear audio when listening to a Webex presentation. To eliminate background noise, you may silence the microphone. However, you must ensure that you have not accidentally silenced the microphone. To do so, go to your sound device’s settings. Select the microphone in the window’s bottom circle. When the microphone is silenced, it becomes red.

Check that your PC is linked to the appropriate audio source. Check that your speakers and microphone are both set to the same input device. You could also check the settings in the chat app. If you’re using a dual-boot system, ensure sure the settings on both computers are the same. To remedy the problem, you may also try altering your computer’s audio settings or the registry.

If the volume is too low, try increasing it or turning off your speakers. Because certain audio devices may not play well together, you may need to switch off other audio devices, such as headphones.

Restart your computer

If you’re experiencing difficulties hearing the audio on your Webex presentation, restart your computer. It might be a hardware problem with the sound card or audio drivers. If the problem remains after rebooting, you may address it by restarting the Windows Audio service. Alternately, when in the Webex conference, try changing the audio source.

The Windows Audio service must be restarted.

If you are having this issue on your computer, you may need to restart the Windows Audio service. This service is in charge of the audio device in your Windows-based apps. If your speakers do not function, you may need to restart the Windows Audio service to resolve the issue. Other possible reasons include out-of-date audio drivers, too much cache data, and issues with the Windows Audio installation.

A sound card issue might be the source of your issues. If you can’t hear the audio from the webex presentation, restart the Windows Audio service to remove any audio-related halts. Alternately, while in the Webex meeting, try changing the audio source.